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Amit Sarda
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Amit Sarda


Hello, I am Amit Sarda! I am a Systems Designer & Builder. I build scalable systems for SMB founders using SaaS, Nocode, and automation.

I have a strong analytical and technical background with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering and an MBA. I have worked as a software engineer for ~3 years and as a Sales Analytics consultant for 3.5 years before turning to freelance full-time in 2016.

I have built several scalable products from scratch using SaaS, Nocode platforms, and automation. I am well-versed with multiple nocode platforms and I have been officially certified by many platforms. As such, I know the pros and cons of each platform and can advise you on the right platform to choose from.

Other tools that I absolutely love using are: Zapier, Airtable, Google Sheets, Notion, Coda, Tableau, Make, N8N.

Check out:

👉 My website

👉 My no-code consulting service

👉 My automation consulting service

👉 My LinkedIn profile


There are a lot of people that take your vision and put it into technology. Amit is one of the few people who helps develop your vision based on the technological tools at your disposal. This is rare and he's wildly talented. I'm afraid to recommend him because I want to be able to get his support when needed!

Andy - COO WeHero

Amit worked with us to help us streamline data flow and processes across our large portfolio of real estate properties. He was a real pleasure to work with, and he took the time to listen to our issues and really understand what we needed in order to help us gather info in a clear and concise way. Highly recommend!

Brenda Morris - Asset Manager, Lightbulb Capital Group

It was a fantastic experience to work with Amit as he helped to set-up a CRM system and all along the project, Amit was very easy to work with and has a mind-set of owner/entrepreneur. Takes a very collaborative approach. It was very evident at the start of the project that Amit was working with a future vision and pre-empting issues to lay a strong foundation. Would happily recommend to any one who is setting up CRM for years to come.

Mohit Bhalla - Ipswich Dental Surgery
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Pune, India
Areas of expertise
Sales, Operations, Recruitment, Customer Portals, Automation, Analytics, Small Businesses, Database Design
English, Hindi, Marathi
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