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Stacker acquires NoCode.Tech

NoCode.Tech is joining Stacker in our mission to bring the power of software to everyone
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The Best No-Code Airtable App Builder for Businesses

Learn how your business can use a no code Airtable app builder to build internal tools, CRMs, portals, and more.
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3 Softr Alternatives: No-Code Tools for Building Portals, CRMs, Project Trackers, and More 

A review of 3 no-code Softr alternatives that you can use to help build tools for your business — from project trackers to CRMs.
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How to Build an Airtable Front End (with Real Examples)

Learn how to build a front end for your Airtable data without having to write a single line of code.
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Stacker raises $20M from a16z to create the future of software

👉 We're hiring across every role: check out our careers page to join our team. 👈We're on a big mission: to change how software is made and to enable a million teams to create the software they need without writing code.
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Announcing The Next Version of Stacker

Today, Stacker is launching our next-generation no-code platform to empower a million people to create the software they need themselves
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Achieve more with Stacker: More powerful apps with all new features (Part 4)

Stacker's goal is to allow teams to work faster and smarter, so less time is wasted and more spent achieving your goals. We want to empower non-technical users to interact confidently with their data and so we've made this even easier with our suite of new functionality.
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Apps for Everyone: new ways to share your apps (Part 3)

Stacker allows anyone to create apps and share them with whoever needs access to them — all with fine grained access control so every user sees exactly what they should. We wanted to make sharing apps even easier, so whether you want to invite colleagues from your team, from across your company, from your customers or your partners there's an easy way to make it happen.
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Unify your data: Connect all the data from across your business (Part 2)

Businesses rely on numerous tools and types of data to run their processes. Managing these different entities in tandem is time-consuming and overwhelming for non-technical team members.You can now unite all your data in a single place and use it to create your apps – and you can even create links between records from completely different sources, giving you a holistic overview of your customers, clients or projects.
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