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Ruchika Abbi
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Ruchika Abbi


With strong roots in tech and product, I've been consulting for businesses for the past 5 years to help them leverage tech to be lean and to help them scale efficiently. With a background in consumer-facing B2C products as well as heavy enterprise level B2B products, spanning over 18 years of experience in a variety of business domains, I have worked with business stakeholders globally.

For the past 4 years, I've been using low code/no-code tools to enable businesses to take advantage of technical solutions faster and with more control over their requirements.

I've worked on automation of multiple business workflows and creation of mobile and web apps with Airtable / Google Sheets / Google scripts / Zapier / Stacker / Integromat / Glideapps / Notion / Stripe Connect


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ruchika. Her business experience and ability to translate the needs of the business into usable code and development was outstanding. Much of what we were doing were combinations of low code development that hadn't been done before and she seamlessly sailed through and delivered excellent usable product. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jason H

For anyone looking for help, we couldn't recommend Ruchika more highly. She really helped us level of the conceptual complexity of what we were able to do within Stacker/Airtable limits and keep moving quickly in the critical first few months of Layer. Excellent communication, great turn around speed and high quality execution.

Chris I.

Ruchika has the kind of mind and experience I love to have as part of a low-code development team. She is really plugged in to the low-code scene, an incredibly fast and integrative learner and her ability to see the big picture as well as keep her eye on granular details is so valuable. I think it's rare to find someone who is able to hunt for elegant solutions as well and implement them. While I have worked with her with an Airtable and Stacker project I wouldn't box her into any single platform, she would perform anywhere!

Mathew G
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Mumbai, India
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Designing Solution Architecture using NoCode technologies
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