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Ambroise Dhenain
Stacker Expert

Ambroise Dhenain


As CTO, I’ve been using Stacker since 2018 and built 12 apps with this awesome product in the last year alone. Stacker and Airtable have been our 2 core products for scaling our company and we don’t regret investing in them.

Today, as a Tech Advisor, I help people build their internal/external apps. I can help on small tasks and also build big projects, it depends what you need.

I also help other Stacker Experts on the areas they aren’t fond of (programming, complex automations, 3rd party integrations, etc.) and provide training to help them level up their skills.

Having a developer/engineer/CTO background, I can help on a very wide range of topics, such as GDPR, security, advanced 3rd party integrations (analytics, chatbot, etc.), documentation, no-code best practices, scalability, growth, technical debt and many other.

I’m also an active member of the No-Code France community, which is an awesome way to keep track on the few dozen of no-code tools I use regularly.

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Ambroise is really active on the Stacker community and was the obvious go-to person when I needed to our game to the next level. He is very professional and his advices helped us draw our product and technical roadmap.

Basm Mohsen - CEO VirtualSpace

We tried to integrate analytics into our Stacker app but we ran into roadblocks. Ambroise came up with his own solution and we got our analytics up and running super fast. He knows how to integrate other tools within Stacker and that’s exactly what we needed.

Ibrahim Ayub - CEO Movig

Ambroise quickly understood our complex business and what truly mattered to us. His knowledge of Stacker helped us test our use-case in a matter of hours.

Joey Ceunen - CareFreeSpace

I needed help to transform an idea into a product, and Ambroise managed to come up with a very unique solution by combining his knowledge of Stacker and his programming skills. I got my app running in less than 10h and got my first client soon after! I’ll definitely need his help again when I start scaling the business.

Michael Fisch - CEO Front Street Ventures

We were relying on the Airtable CDN to store our assets, but Airtable changed their CDN from public to private in November 2022. Ambroise helped us configuring a different CDN for our organization, and building related automations and scripts. He delivered exactly what we needed, and super fast. Overall, his work was more professional than other freelancer we work with, and the deliverable was well documented.

Sasi Chodagam - AO Foundation

When faced with a dire situation with one of our IT providers, Ambroise’s intervention revealed critical for our business, as he managed to negociate for us and we got online again after months of downtime. He found a glitch in the contract and that’s something none of us had thought of. He probably saved our company that day.

Stéphane M. - CEO
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Lyon, France
Areas of expertise
Automations, Analytics, UX, Database design, Algorithms, Software development, API, GDPR, Best practices, Airtable, Zapier, Make, n8n, SaaS, Education, B2B, Finance, FinTech, Startups
English, French
Project minimum
No minimum.
Hourly rate
$200 with discounts for non-profit, charitable, and educational organizations. Reduced rate for long-term projects.
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