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Power your business: unlimited apps in one unified workspace (Part 1)

We saw that businesses needed a single source of truth for managing all of their projects and data, so we created workspaces to allow you to collaborate and manage all their processes side by side without needing to switch between tools.
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Stacker raises $1.7M to empower non-developers to create software

At Stacker we’re on a mission to change how software is made and to enable anyone, not just developers, to create software to power their business. To help us to empower 100k teams to run on software they've created themselves, we're thrilled to announce that Stacker has raised a $1.7M round led by Initialized Capital, with participation from Y Combinator, Pioneer Fund and Makerpad.
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Customer Story: Elevate Dynamics

Working with mainly international production facilities, Elevate was struggling to communicate the right data to the right people. Emails and messages were getting lost in the shuffle - as were production times. The communication problems were impacting the business enough that long, expensive trips to Asia to meet in-person became the default method of communication.
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It’s time to drop 'No-Code'

I’d like to drop the the term no-code. I love the movement, but hate the term.I hate it because it’s always comes hand in hand with its even more ungainly sibling “low code”. Sometimes they’re used interchangeably. And sometimes, they get smushed together as “no/low code”.
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No-code vs No-programming

I think that “code” and “programming” are actually two totally different axes, and for some reason we’re only talking about one.
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