Stacker acquires NoCode.Tech

May 13, 2022
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Michael Skelly, CEO, Stacker

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Stacker’s mission is to bring the power of software to everyone. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re being joined on that mission by NoCode.Tech, the leading platform for anyone looking to learn how no-code can change their lives and work.

Since its creation in 2016, NoCode.Tech has helped over a million people understand how no-code can bring their ideas to life. NoCode.Tech has been an online university, support community and guide for people all across the world taking their first steps in no-code – including many of Stacker’s current users.

When I first met with Nile back in 2018, there was one thing above all others that we both agreed on: so far, no-code has only changed the lives of a small fraction of the people it eventually will. We both believe that no-code as a movement is something that goes beyond people building websites, or creating new tech startups — no-code is something that can change the lives and work of anybody.

While makers and entrepreneurs have been the driving force of the the first wave of no-code, the next wave comes from no-code being adopted by people in businesses of all shapes and sizes, doing things they never thought possible before.

Together, we’re at the forefront of the next phase of this movement: Stacker empowers people like these to transform how they work, and NoCode.Tech brings all of no-code to an increasingly wide and diverse audience.

By joining forces, NoCode.Tech can make its content free, and continue to invest in expanding the universe of people using no-code — which in turn helps Stacker, and the rest of the no-code ecosystem.

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