Improve pipeline visibility and stay connected to your prospects and customers

‍‍Effectively managing prospects through your sales cycle is critical for any successful sales team. But off-the-shelf CRM tools are often inflexible, cumbersome and expensive to deploy and manage.

Stacker’s Sales CRM Template removes these barriers and allows you to deploy fully customizable CRM solutions in minutes, not days. From tracking early-stage leads to managing high-value opportunities, this Sales CRM Template allows you to improve visibility across your entire pipeline.

Empower your sales teams to be more productive by automating time-consuming administrative tasks and allow them to focus on achieving their revenue goals. All without writing a single line of code.

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This powerful template from Stacker gives you all these great features:

Customisable Views
Client Directories
Automate Tasks

Sync data from the apps you’re already using

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How to Get Started with This Template

  • This template includes sample data in four categories: Companies, People, Account Managers, and Cases. To get started, replace this data with your own. See our help doc: Stacker Tables: Adding and Editing Rows.
  • You can change what information is stored in each category by clicking on Manage fields and data tab on the right hand sidebar. You can either change the existing fields, or add new ones.
  • You can edit the navigation bar by going to App settings then Navigation – why not try making the “Account Managers” page appear for your users? See our help doc: Stacker Navigation.

Build your own app in minutes

No designers, no developers & no drama.
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