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Keep your projects on track by giving your clients a single destination for all of your project information

‍Keeping clients up-to-date on key project milestones can be manual and time-consuming, resulting in miscommunication and a poor client experience. When client experience is paramount, off-the-shelf project management solutions often miss the mark.

Improving your client experience doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Using Stacker's Client Project Portal Template, you can provide your clients with a single destination for all of your plans and documents and transform how you manage projects. Easily track and manage the status of key tasks and prioritize urgent items seamlessly with Stacker's drag-and-drop interface, and automate notifications when a status changes, without the need to write a line of code.

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This powerful template from Stacker gives you all these great features:

Customizable Dashboards
Advanced Permissions
Automate Workflows

Sync data from the apps you’re already using

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How to Get Started with This Template

  • The Client Project Portal template is styled as if you are working with a design agency – but you can change it for any type of project.
  • This template includes sample data in six categories: Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Team, Invoices, and Clients. To get started, replace this data with your own. See our help doc: Stacker Tables: Adding and Editing Rows.
  • You can change what information is stored in each category by clicking on Manage fields and data tab on the right hand sidebar. You can either change the existing fields, or add new ones.
  • You can change how all Project or Invoice pages look by going to any individual Project or Invoice page and clicking on “Edit layout” in the right hand sidebar. You can move sections around, edit existing ones, or delete them all and start again! See our help doc: Detail layout.

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