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Build the tools you need, from business operations tools to ticket trackers
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Share the right data securely with the right users with Permissions and SSO
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Sync with additional data connectors including Zendesk and Quickbooks.
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A suite of business tools flexible enough to grow with your startup

Get a day back every week
Save up to 10 hours every week by creating a portal for your customers to find answers to their questions, update their data and file requests.
Impress your customers
Wow your clients with a smooth login experience, top-end data security and elegant design – all as standard with a Stacker app.
Software powered by the latest tech
Stacker brings the power of software to you, empowering you to build whatever tools you need to power your business.
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All the tools to power your early-stage business

Project Tracker
Business Operations Process
Requests Tracker
People Directory
Partners CRM

Improve Project Visibility

Bring all of your plans together and provide a centralized view of projects for your stakeholders

Oversee complex projects with kanban boards and custom dashboards
Assign tasks and collaborate with team members
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Streamline your operations

Provide a safe and secure Portal for customers and internal teams to access and manage their information

Cut through the email traffic and improve how you communicate with clients and colleagues
Customise your workflows and level-up your business efficiencies
Business Operations Process

Streamline your requests

A custom-built requests tracker, allowing users to submit tickets and track the status of tasks or bugs.

Custom form for logging tickets and requests
Allow users to track the status of tickets
Requests Tracker

Get everyone on the same page

Build employee satisfaction with a tailor-made staff app: manage time off, equipment loans and more in one place.

Share and easily update dynamic org charts for each team
Manage holiday, time off and quarterly reviews for your team
People Directory

A single source of truth

Stacker’s CRM is fully customizable, so you can create a CRM that works for you – not the other way around.

Centralize all your contact information to create a single source of truth
Never lose track of the freelancers and contractors you work with
Partners CRM

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Build the tools you need to get from 0 to 1
Stacker lets you customize your workflow without limits.

A fully brandable app

Put your company’s stamp on a Stacker app, with a logo, brand colours, a custom domain and SSO.

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Grows with your org

Build software that’s tailored to your organisation – without writing a line of code. What’s more, if your workflow changes so can your tools, thanks to Stacker’s build-in flexibility.


Build whatever you need today

Stacker apps are fully customizable so you can create the tool that fits your need – not the other way round. With Stacker’s drag-and-drop UI you can quickly adapt your portal for you and your team.

Image displaying how Stacker integrates with different data sources, including Airtable

Powered by your data

Stacker Portals are powered by your data. You can store your data directly in Stacker, or integrate with over 150 data sources including Airtable, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Intercom, MailChimp and Pipedrive.


Sync data from the apps you’re already using

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“There's no way we'd be running at the scale we're at now without Stacker”

Mike Austin
CPO, Spedal
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