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Build a digital home for your colleagues, peers or collaborators
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Share your information securely with customers or clients
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Home, sweet digital home...

A home for your community
A secure place for you to share resources, swap advice and plan events – from industry conferences to a fundraising galas.
A platform that fits your needs
Build the tools your community needs now and in the future. Stacker's in-built flexibility means your app can grow alongside your community.
Easy to use
Stacker’s drag-and-drop interface means changes are quick and easy to make.
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Use cases

Secure portals for smoother workflows

Resource Centre
People Directory
Team Intranet
Project Tracker

Self-service help, 24/7

Create a single source of truth for your team with a central resource hub: a one-stop shop for documentation, image libraries, process guides and useful links

Give your team members everything they need to do their jobs
Find everything you need instantly in your team’s central resources library
Resource Centre

Get everyone on the same page

Build employee satisfaction with a tailor-made staff app: manage time off, equipment loans and more in one place.

Share and easily update dynamic org charts for each team
Manage holiday, time off and quarterly reviews for your team
People Directory

Share news and updates

Superpower your efficiency with a custom-built intranet for your team. Share updates and announcements and create a one-stop-shop for your organisation.

Share updates with your whole team immediately
Create a secure central hub for your organisation announcements
Team Intranet

Improve Project Visibility

Bring all of your plans together and provide a centralized view of projects for your stakeholders

Oversee complex projects with kanban boards and custom dashboards
Assign tasks and collaborate with team members
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Create an app that fits your community needs
Stacker lets you customize your app without limits.

A fully brandable portal

Put your own stamp on a Stacker
app, with a logo, brand colours and
‍a custom domain.

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Fits your needs perfectly

Stacker apps are fully customizable so you can create the tool that fits your need – now and in the future. With Stacker’s drag-and-drop interface you can quickly adapt your app for you and the community.


Securely share data

With Stacker you control exactly who accesses the data in your apps – down to the level of individual fields. Once members of your community are logged in to your app, Stacker’s Permissions feature means data is only shown to the correct users.

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Image displaying how Stacker integrates with different data sources, including Airtable

Powered by your data

Stacker apps are powered by your data. You can store your data directly in Stacker, or integrate with over 60 data sources including Airtable, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Intercom, MailChimp and Pipedrive.


Sync data from the apps you’re already using

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Graham Hunter

“We're a tech company, talking to other tech companies. We needed a best-in-class digital experience – Stacker gave us that”

Graham Hunter
Senior Startup Program Manager, Segment
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