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Managing budgets and enabling transparency

Zapier is a tool that allows users to create automations between thousands of different web applications, such as from Gmail to Airtable, and Salesforce to Twitter. The company is fully-remote and is a key player in the no-code space. So when they wanted to build a tool to help their Accounting team manage their work more efficiently and provide transparency for Zapier team members, they turned to Stacker.

'Once we saw how Stacker worked, it was pretty much a no-brainer'
Brandi Shuttera
Manager, Accounting at Zapier

‘I had created a ton of Airtable bases to track all of our employees’ individual budget spend and everything was just visible within my team,’ said Brandi Shuttera, Manager, Accounting at Zapier. ‘We get a lot of questions asking for more details behind what employees had spent and how much budget they had left. So I was looking for something that would be able to let me connect all of the Airtable bases, pull them into one system and only allow people to see their own information.’

‘I was actually scrolling through Instagram one weekend and an ad popped up for Stacker. I got really excited as it was the exact solution I was looking for. So that next morning I took it to my manager. Once I showed her how Stacker works, it was pretty much a no-brainer.’

Using Stacker, Brandi was able to build on top of her existing data in multiple Airtable Bases and create an easy-to-use, secure and flexible portal for Zapier employees to log and track their equipment and training budgets. 

‘Permissions were the number one thing we needed. I didn’t share Airtables with the whole company because I didn’t want everybody to see everybody else's information, and it was hard to navigate through when you have 600+ employees data to scroll though.’ 

The end result is, thanks to the tool she built in Stacker, Brandi has reclaimed some of her and her team’s precious time: ‘Stacker saved us at least a couple hours or more a week. Before, anytime anyone had a question, we would get a message on Slack and we had to go into Airtable and pull out the information for them. Since we started using Stacker, we haven’t had any questions come though about anyone’s budgets, other than asking if we can add more budgets to Stacker in the future!”

How they use Stacker

Employees log in

Zapier employees use a secure login to access their data in Stacker.

Employees check in on their budgets

Employees can get an at-a-glance overview of how much they’ve spent from their equipment or training budgets, log their recent spend and see how much is left of their allocation.

Resource Hub

Zapier employees can access shared documents and information in an employee ‘playbook’ that pulls together a wealth of resources and how-to guides about life at Zapier.

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