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Williams Windows

Modernizing contractor and job management

Williams Windows has been in the window and door replacement industry since 2003. Its team uses Stacker to modernize daily operations.

I regularly save thousands of dollars by preventing errors. Stacker is amazing.
Mateo Acebedo

Mateo Acebedo is the owner of a window installation company in Texas.
Before Stacker, Mateo used Airtable to keep track of job estimates, window pricing, and the status of each job, but he wasn't able to communicate this information with his subcontractors effectively.
With Stacker, Mateo empowers his subcontractors with a mobile portal so they can easily price, track, and manage new window installation jobs to completion.

How they use Stacker

Subcontractors log in

Subcontractors can log in to their unique portal on their phones.

Subcontracts price work

Subcontractors can price new window installation jobs and update the jobs' statuses.

Williams Windows keeps existing tools

Williams Windows's team can continue using Airtable to manage all jobs and subcontractors in one place.

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