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University of Central Arkansas

Connecting staff and education students

The University of Central Arkansas is a public university founded in 1907 that serves more than 8,000 undergraduates. Its administrators use Stacker to improve communication between staff and education students.

Stacker is a simple solution to what I thought was a complex problem.
Gary Bunn
Director, Office of Candidate Services

Dr. Gary Bunn found Stacker while looking or a way for his office to improve how they communicate with education students at the University of Central Arkansas.
Gary and his office used Airtable to track and manage student data, but they lacked a way to systematically communicate that data with students during their journeys to become professional educators.
To solve the problem, Gary configured Stacker as a portal for students to view the status of their applications for teach licensure, read personalized information about the next steps in their journeys, and update important contact information when needed.

How they use Stacker

Students log in

New education students are invited to log in to secure accounts in a Stacker app.

Students view and update information

Students can view the status of their applications for teacher licensure and update contact information if needed.

University teams keeps existing tools

The university's team continues to work with their existing processes and tools uninterrupted.

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