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Table Investments

Transforming client communication

Table Investments is a real estate consulting firm that helps its clients invest in, develop, and manage real estate in Oklahoma City. Its team uses Stacker to communicate with clients.

Stacker has been absolutely transformative in our business.
Alyssa Dyer

Alyssa Dyer's found Stacker after giving up on off-the-shelf property management software that was clunky and cumbersome.
Alyssa Dyer's team already had a system in place with Airtable to manage properties, work orders, and payments, but they lacked a simple way to communicate all of their work to their clients.
To improve communication without doubling their workload, Alyssa created a Stacker portal that allowed clients to login and monitor their portfolios' statuses and important activities.

How they use Stacker

Clients log in

New clients are invited into Table Investment's Stacker app.

Clients monitor updates

Real estate clients can view their portfolio's status, projects associated with their portfolio, and weekly updates.

Table Investments keeps existing processes

Table Investments's team continues their existing processes within Airtable to manage projects, investments, and team collaboration.

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