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A secure portal for customers; a tool for riders to track jobs

Spedal is a courier bike service specializing in zero-waste deliveries and collections, based in London that helps people dealing with homelessness build an employment record. Using a Stacker-built portal, customers can place and track orders and returns, while riders can log their jobs and mark items as delivered while out on the road. 

Stacker has meant we’ve been able to prove there’s a need here. Stacker means that we actually have a product, at the end of the day
Mike Austin

‘We’re a really early company just trying to move fast and test things,’ said Mike Austin, CPO at Spedal. Without Stacker we wouldn’t have been able to find and build a niche in the reverse logistics space for companies seeking to provide zero-waste products.

‘We don’t want to be spending ages building something with real code and spending money we don’t have yet.’ 

Spedal stores its data in Airtable, which acts as the backend for its two Stacker apps: a customer portal and a riders app. 

‘Before we used Stacker, we just used Google Sheets. Customers added orders and then we texted riders with the name and address of the order. Now, riders can manage their whole shift – including marking the start and end of jobs – within the app, and customers can track orders and see if an item has been delivered in the portal.’

‘There’s absolutely no way that we’d be running at the scale we’re at now without Stacker.’ 

‘We’re now in the process of raising money and Stacker has meant we’ve been able to prove there’s a need here. Stacker means that we actually have a product, at the end of the day.’

How they use Stacker

Customers Place Orders

Spedal’s clients login to their branded Stacker Portal and fill out all the details for their order.

Riders track their jobs, employment and development

Spedal’s riders use their app to log the Start and End of each job on their mobile phone. Once a job is complete, the rider uploads a photo on Spedal’s app to confirm delivery. In addition, for riders seeking to escape homelessness, Spedal is building new portal features for them to track the development of their professional skills.

Customers Track their Orders

Spedal’s customers track all their orders and check for delivery photos within Spedal’s Customer Portal.

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