Social High Rise

Simplifying employee operations

Social High Rise is a marketing agency specialized in helping restaurants leverage social media. Its team uses Stacker to efficiently coordinate its services while working with hundreds of clients.

Before Stacker, we went through teams of developers and lots of cash trying to build good internal tools.
Mark Sorenson

Mark Sorenson is the founder and CEO of Social High Rise, a marketing agency that specializes in social media management and online customer service for restaurants.
Before Stacker, Mark contracted teams of developers to build internal tools to help his team save time as they managed hundreds of clients, but after working with two different teams and multiple iteration cycles, it wasn't working.
With Stacker, Mark was able to build a custom CRM and work management tool himself so his team could more easily manage their client work.

How they use Stacker

Employees log in

Employees can see their clients, client accounts, and related tasks all in one place.

Employees view their work

Employees can see the status of different clients' accounts and alerts for those that need attention.

Employees access reports

Employees can view clients' social media reports and past invoices.

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