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A beautifully designed tool with a slick user experience.

Segment is a customer data platform that helps every team access clean and reliable customer data to make real-time decisions, accelerate growth, and personalize experiences. They run a program that supports early-stage startups with software deals, resources and credits – all built in Stacker.

We’re a technology company, talking to other tech companies. We needed a best-in-class digital experience – Stacker gave us that.
Graham Hunter
Senior Startup Program Manager, Segment

Segment uses Stacker to manage the 15,000 companies in their startup program.

‘I was looking for something that gave a logged-in experience, with a dashboard built on Airtable data,’ said Graham Hunter, Senior Startup Program Manager. ‘I found Stacker and understood intuitively what it was for.'

Segment uses Stacker’s Airtable data connector to power its app, which includes its dealbook as well as a resource hub for startup founders. For Graham and the team, one of the most important things was to provide a beautifully designed tool that also boasted a slick user experience.

‘We’re a technology company, talking to other tech companies. We needed a best-in-class digital experience – Stacker gave us that.’

‘The visual component of our dealbook was lacking – it was just a wall of text. By moving to Stacker we could give every startup founder a link to see their deals, have them login and create a much more visually appealing experience.’

‘Stacker is so straight-forward that colleagues have been able to go in and pick up projects without having to learn a whole new tool. If you understand spreadsheets, then you’ll understand Stacker. Once it’s set-up, it just all sort-of works without you having to do anything.’

How they use Stacker

Members login

Startup program members can login to see the dealbook and use Segment’s Resource Hub

Members redeem deals

Once a member clicks ‘Redeem’ on the deal they want, the rest of the process is automated. Neither the member nor Segment need to do anything else.

Members access resources

Startup founders access Segment’s resources for early-stage companies via their Stacker login.

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