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Meow Wolf

A partner portal to manage workflow and level the playing field

Meow Wolf is an immersive arts and entertainment company that uses a Stacker portal to take artists through their proposal, design and installation process. The company creates immersive, maximalist environments in sites across the US, collaborating with hundreds of artists to create their massive projects. The artist management team at Meow Wolf uses Stacker to liaise with all the artists they work with, and ensure their proposal system has fairness built-in. 

‘The biggest impact Stacker’s had on our team is the ability to scale up. Now it feels like the sky is the limit!’
Jessie Kelley
Associate Creative Producer

‘When we go to new markets, we invite several artists to submit proposals for projects , a “Request for Proposals, or RFP”,’ explains Meow Wolf Associate Creative Producer, Jessie Kelley. ‘Prior to Stacker, we were running RFPs through emails and PDFs. It was a nightmare to organize and the amount of information to track was overwhelming for the artists.’

So Jessie turned to Stacker to help organize the team’s workflow. Using a Stacker Portal, Jessie is able to shepherd artists through the collaboration with Meow Wolf and ensure each artist has all the information they need, without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. 

‘With Stacker, we’re able to control when information is available, unlocking features as an artist moves through their project phases. For example, when an artist gets to the fabrication phase, they’ll see guidelines around packing and shipping – something they won’t see, or need to, during the much earlier phases.’ 

By using Stacker, Jessie can also be sure there’s fairness built-in to their processes, as she explains: ‘All questions and answers asked during the application period are automatically, and anonymously, shared with the other applicants applying for the same project. This is to ensure the artists are working with the same information.’ Stacker has also had a big impact for the team internally as well. ‘I’m lucky to be one of those people that really enjoys a good database,’ says Jessie. ‘But most people don’t! And that’s where Stacker’s great: we can work within a database without it looking like one.’ 

‘The biggest impact Stacker’s had on our team is the ability to scale up. We’re at a place now where it feels like the sky is the limit – we can use it for so much more!’

How they use Stacker

Artists Log In to a Portal

Meow Wolf invites artists to submit proposals via a secure Stacker Portal 

Meow Wolf Shares Information with Artists

The Artist Management team at Meow Wolf shares all the important information with the artists via the Stacker Portal

Artists Track Their Proposal

Once an artist has submitted a proposal they can track its progress via Meow Wolf’s Stacker Portal

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