Growth Collective

Eliminating the need for engineering resources

Growth Collective is a platform that helps clients hire pre-vetted marketing talent with experience at the world's leading brands. Its team uses Stacker to facilitate work among its freelancers, clients, and partners.

Stacker has eliminated our need to build a custom app.
Max Ade

Max Ade is the founder of Growth Collective, a platform that connects companies with an exclusive network of pre-vetted freelance marketers. Its platform's marketers have experience working at the world's leading brands such as Google, AirBnB, Groupon, and Dow Jones.
Before Stacker, Growth Collective used Airtable to store its customer and freelancer data, but its team lacked an interface that allowed clients and freelancers to only access data relevant to them.
Since Growth Collective started using Stacker with their clients, they've expanded to using it throughout its business. Clients have a Stacker portal to view and schedule time with matches, freelancers have a Stacker portal to edit their profile and view their matches, and external partners—like the company's accountant—have Stacker portals configured to only display relevant data to their jobs.

How they use Stacker

Client portal

Clients can login to view and schedule time with their freelancer matches.

Freelancer portal

Freelancers can login to view and edit their own profiles, view their matches, and view perks for being on the platform.

Partners access limited data

Growth Collective's bookkeeper and external sales representatives can access unique portals for their jobs.

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