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Transforming client relationships with a Stacker portal

Firestarter Entertainment is a talent agency based in Los Angeles and run by the one-woman powerhouse, Nicole Pryor Dernersesian. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Nicole released two albums and appeared in the Las Vegas production of The Phantom of the Opera. So any company she set up was always going to punch above its weight...

'The client portal has been a game-changer for us. It has eliminated hundreds of emails!'
Nicole Pryor Dernersesian
Founder & Talent Agent, Firestarter Entertainment

‘I feel like we’re operating like a much bigger company,’ says Nicole. ‘Stacker gives us, a smaller company, the ability to maximize our time and energy and just to do more. I feel very blessed and lucky that I was able to find Stacker.’ 

Prior to using Stacker (which Firestarter Entertainment connects with Airtable), Nicole was dealing with hundreds of emails every day, going back-and-forth with her clients and their managers on questions about everything from scripts for upcoming auditions to their availability for jobs. 

‘The client portal has been a game-changer for us. It has eliminated hundreds of emails per month and given us so much more time to do our jobs. Now all I have to say is “Go check the portal”.’ 

One example of time saved for Nicole and her team is the process for clients booking time out. Previously, this was all done manually over email. Now, the clients book out their own days right in the portal, which triggers an automated email to Nicole. ‘No email had to happen with the client,’ explains Nicole, ‘no back-and-forth, no questions.’

‘My Stacker portal has literally changed my life because for me, as the owner of the company, I have access to all the data I need; and with Stacker’s permissions and roles, I can give my clients access to the data they need in a really user-friendly format. That’s revolutionary.’ 

How they use Stacker

Clients log into FSE’s Portal

Clients log into the portal to send any updates to Nicole, including booking days when they’ll be unavailable for auditions or work.

Clients can securely see their own information

Nicole's clients can see and update only their own data because of Stacker's enterprise-grade permissions and roles features.

Automatic notifications

Clients are updated directly in the portal when there's new information they need to see, such as details for an upcoming audition or job, information about a payment or upcoming deadlines.

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