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Capstone Event Group

Enhancing partnership experiences

Capstone Event Group operates a portfolio of races serving over 110,000 runners annually in North America. Its team uses Stacker to enhance the experience of its sponsorship partners.

They built apps powered by data in

Stacker has enabled us to blaze a new trail in our industry.

Jon Smetana
Sponsorship Manager

Jon Smetana manages sponsorships for Capstone Event Group, a company that operates running events that serve more than 100,000 people annually.
Before Stacker, Jon used Airtable to manage the sponsorship pipeline and partner benefits, but there was no easy way for sponsors to check the status of their sponsorship.
Jon built a Stacker app to display partners the scope of their sponsorship packages, allow them to check the status of their sponsorship in real-time, and upload assets required to carry out the sponsorship.

How they use Stacker

Partners access unique accounts

Partners can view details associated with their sponsorship packages.

Partners upload files

Partners can upload assets—like colors and logos—needed to fulfill their sponsorship packages.

Partners monitor updates

Partners can check the status of their sponsorships at any time.

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