Absolute Mathematics

Streamlining collaboration with contractors

Absolute Mathematics is an online tutoring company that has helped students learn and improve their mathematics skills for over a decade. Its owner user Stacker to more easily collaborate with independent contractors.

It was important that whatever software I chose, it would be easy to build and maintain. Stacker fit those needs perfectly.
Jared Wright

Jared Wright is the founder of Absolute Mathematics, an online math tutoring service that uses Airtable to manage its entire business.
As his business grew, he hired independent contractors, but he didn't want each contractor to be able to access all of his business' data.
With Stacker, Jared is able to empower his contractors with personalized access to the Airtable data needed for their work.

How they use Stacker

Tutors log in

Tutors can view information about the students they interact with.

Tutors enter data

Tutors can record new tutoring sessions they complete.

Tutors edit data

Tutors can edit information regarding past tutoring sessions they completed.

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