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Stacker's Zapier integration.

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Powered by your data:

Automate repetitive tasks

Set up automations for the tasks you do every day – sending emails, posting on Slack, creating calendar events, adding items to Notion and much more.


Connect to 5,000+ apps

Make Stacker your team’s single source of truth by connecting the rest of your tech stack including Stripe, Asana, Salesforce, Calendly, Twitter and more.


Add workflows, as you grow

With Stacker’s easy-to-use UI and Zapier’s 5,000+ library of apps, your Stacker app can grow with your business and adapt to the needs of a growing organisation.

Drag and drop the features you need

Pull in the features you want with Stacker’s easy to use drag-and-drop interface: related records, embed blocks, pipelines, banners and more.

Design without designers

Easily create your app interface - no design or coding experience required. Choose the right layout before filtering, sorting, and displaying your data however you like.

App functionality without the headaches

Build forms to create records, pages to edit existing records, add buttons to automate important tasks.


Make adjustments in a fully customizable UI

Stacker’s fully customizable UI mean you can build apps that fit around your workflow and processes – rather than the other way round.

Secure accounts for all your apps users

Share your data with different groups of users by inviting them to log into your Stacker app.

Customize look, feel, and functionality.

Give your customers and external partners access to their own data in a branded portal, with options for custom functionality.


One set of data, multiple views

With Stacker’s duplicate layout function you can present your data in multiple ways – as a kanban board, a list, a set of cards or in an inbox layout.

Easily collaborate across your team

Work more efficiently by commenting directly on the records you’re working on. Get notified when your colleagues reply, even when you’re in a different app.

Integrate custom apps with the tools you already use

Sync your apps with other tools in your stack to create custom apps as a single source of truth.

Build your own app in minutes

No designers, no developers & no drama.
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