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Change how software is made.

Mission-Oriented People Wanted.

We've got a big mission: we want to give everybody the ability to create software, whether they can code or not.

And it's no secret that we've got a long way to go to get there. That's why we're not looking for consultants, contractors or general mercenaries. If you're passionate about making change in the world, this might be the place for you. 🚀

Hard Problems. Really.

We know, we know: basically every tech startup says this. But we've got a decent claim.

We're creating a new way to build software, so that it becomes accessible to everyone.

We're engineering an app that can run on top of our customers' data models, and the data is housed in their own databases.

We're trying to not only create one product that is intuitive and beautiful, but a system to allow our users to build apps that are beautiful by default and are customisable to the finest level.

And that's all before breakfast. 💪

We've Made A Start, But It's Still Early.

This isn't some mad dream. We've already made a great start. We have hundreds of organizations using Stacker apps today that they've created themselves, and we've got the backing of Y Combinator and great investors.

However, we are still really early (currently 5 engineers). This is the right time to join to have a profound impact on how we take this to the next level.

Come And Work From Wherever You Are.

We've always been a remote team — not corona-remote but remote by choice. We get together three or four times per year, but apart from that, we do all our work remotely, via Slack, Notion, and Zoom. We like it that way.

Whatever Your Background.

We want to build a team with diverse perspectives, skills, passions and backgrounds.

We're not worried about the number of years you've worked or how much formal education you've had. We're looking for bright, kind and passionate people who care about bringing the power of software to the world.

👉If you're excited about our mission, but worried that you don't have enough experience, or won't fit in, please apply anyway! 👈

Open Positions

Marketing (no-code experience required)

Stacker is looking to hire our first full-time marketing hire to bring our content, community, and partnerships to the next level. The ideal candidate is already immersed and familiar with the "no-code" community. If that sounds like you, let's chat!

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Data Analyst

We're looking to hire our first ever Data Analyst to help both our existing and new customers get the most out of the Stacker platform!

Working as part of our Growth team, you'll be compiling and analysing data to improve our product offering and roadmap, developing visualisations to convey product and business insights, and collaborating with our tech, product and marketing teams on overall strategy.

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Customer Success (North America)

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People & Ops Manager

We're looking for a People & Ops Manager to manage our remote-first, rapidly growing team and make Stacker an amazing place to work.

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Product Manager

You'll be responsible for helping shape Stacker's core product.

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We're looking for growth generalists! The right candidate will collaborate alongside our development resources to help us improve our awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, and revenue metrics.

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Platform Engineer

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Growth Engineer

We’re looking for a data-driven engineer to help drive the strategies and experiment cycles on our growth team.

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Product Engineer

You know the general drill. React frontend, Python backend. Postgres, Memcached and everything running on docker/k8s.

We're looking for someone who's about more than just writing software. You should expect to spend as much time thinking about the tough product problems as the tough technical problems.

You should love about thinking about things from the point of view of the user, and enjoy working out how a particular feature fits within our overall product strategy.

If that sounds like you, then apply!

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Mystery Role

If you're excited about our mission and product, but worried that you don't have enough experience or see a current role, this one's for you!

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