Registering and Logging in

There are two ways your users can access your app, depending on whether you added them as a workspace user or gave them access using Customer Access.

How your users register and login depends on the method you used to grant access to them: ie, whether you added them directly as Workspace Users or via connecting a user table from your data source through Customer Access.

Workspace Users

If you added a user as a Workspace User (you can check out how to do this here), they will have received an email invitation asking them to join your workspace - like this one:

Stacker app invitation email

Once registered, they can login via your workspace URL. The workspace login page will be branded with your logo (if you have added one). When a workspace user logs in, they will land in the first app they have access to, but can easily switch between apps using the app bar.

Customer Access Users

Users that are contained within your customer list can be directed to register at your app URL. Once logged in, they will only see the app you have given them access to. The rest of the workspace won't be visible to them.

Logging in to Stacker

For a refresher on how to add users via Customer Access, see our detailed guide here.

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