Introduction to users

Stacker allows you to share your apps confidently with colleagues, other teams within your organisation, as well as with external partners and customers.

You can do this by adding users to your workspace and then using Stacker's Permissions and User Roles to control what data your different users can see and edit.

Stacker users

At Stacker we use the term 'workspace' to refer to the online space that holds all your apps. There are two ways to add users to your workspace, as follows.

Adding a Workspace User

You can choose to grant access to your workspace, offering access to one or multiple apps by adding them as a Workspace User.

Find out more about adding a Workspace User here.

Adding a user via Customer Access

Or you can allow access only to a single app, meaning where the user will not see the rest of your workspace, by adding them using what we call 'Customer Access'. Customer Access is the best option if you already have a table in your data source containing your users' information.

Find out how to add users via Customer Access here.

Next step

👉 Introduction to Permissions

👉 Give users different permissions with User Roles