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Stacker turns company data into functional custom software for companies in any industry.


For moving fast and breaking things

People at startups like Segment, Paddle, and 500startups use Stacker to test hypotheses and deploy internal software tools fast.

Connor Gustafson
Lending App

"It's like having a development team in your back pocket."

Stacker customers
Stacker user

Conserving engineering resources with no-code solutions

People at companies like Samsung, Mozilla, and Amazon use Stacker to test and iterate at scale without development resources.

Graham Hunter
Senior Startup Progam

"We needed a best-in-class digital experience – Stacker gave us that."


Democratizing software beyond the boardroom

People at institutions like SV Academy, Vanderbilt, and MIT use Stacker to automate busywork and save time.

Eric Bryan
Director of Industry Partnerships
SV Academy

"My team has become so self-sufficient and effective that we really can operate as our own little unit without needing extra support"

Stacker customers smiling
A scientist at work

For when secure data sharing is table stakes

People at organizations like ProjectN95, Novo Nordisk, and DoneADHD use Stacker to improve health outcomes across their patient databases.

Jonathan Gaunt
FD Works

"Eventually, we found Stacker which we now use as a portal to hold all the data from across our business."

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