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Get empowering tools into the hands of your partners, teammates and customers with unprecedented speed and ease.

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Instantly create apps powered by your data

Share your data with whoever needs it
Collaborate with colleagues, connect multiple data sources, and share your apps with teammates, customers, and partners.
Build whatever you need
Easily create powerful tools for your team in minutes, without needing developers.
Plug in existing data sources
Stacker integrates with over 150 data sources – plug in the ones you use and you'll have a fully functional app in just a few clicks.
powerful business tools
Applicant tracker
Project Tracker
Custom CRM
Client Portal

Applicant tracker

Organise your candidate search, interview process and onboarding experience in one Stacker app

Securely share data internally and with external candidates
Create a smooth onboarding experience for new employees

Applicant tracker app

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Improve Project Visibility

Bring all of your plans together and provide a centralized view of projects for your stakeholders

Oversee complex projects with kanban boards and custom dashboards
Assign tasks and collaborate with team members

Project Management Tool

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Create your own CRM

Create your ideal CRM management tool using Stacker – no need to compromise or fit your workflow around awkward software.

Securely store and share data on your company's leads
Efficiently manage customer relationships with Stacker

A tailor-made CRM

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Share data securely

Securely share data with external clients and stakeholders

Securely share data with external clients and stakeholders
Save time on emails with tailor-made client dashboards

Client Portal

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stacker for enterprise

For large companies with complex data needs:

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Enterprise SSO
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Unlimited Apps
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Unlimited External Users
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Enterprise Support
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Unlimited Records
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Instantly create apps powered by your data

Project Management

Real Estate

Marketing teams


Sales teams

Operations teams

HR teams

at leading companies use Stacker

"Stacker was a no-brainer solution to fit on top of the existing data in our spreadsheets."

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Anand Deshpande
Head of Startup Program, Segment

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