Power your business: unlimited apps in one unified workspace (Part 1)

May 10, 2021
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Michael Skelly, CEO, Stacker

Want to understand how Airtable changes affect your own situation?

We'll help you understand if you need to change anything or upgrade your pricing plan in order to continue using Stacker. We'll even help you migrate to another platform, if it's the right move for you.

This article is part of a series exploring the features of our new version of Stacker. If you've not read the original post, click here to read it.  

We saw that businesses needed a single source of truth for managing all of their projects and data, so we  created workspaces to allow you to collaborate and manage all their processes side by side without needing to switch between tools.

You and your team can now access all your apps from a unified company workspace. Create as many apps as you need, and either share them privately with your teammates, or publish them for the rest of your company to access.

One app was just the beginning...

The workspace is a home for all of the apps your team needs and the heart of making sharing information with your colleagues, partners or customers easier than ever.

You can now create an unlimited number of apps as standard with all of our plans and switch between them seamlessly with the app bar.

The control is in your hands...

Confidently share your apps with colleagues, other teams from across your organisation, as well as partners and customers. With granular app access, you can choose which apps others have access to and how they can interact with them using our standard or custom roles. This means that you can tailor the combination of apps each individual can access and be sure that everyone has the appropriate data permissions.

App creation is easier than ever...

We've optimised the process for creating new apps so producing a solution for a new project is quicker and smoother. You can even choose to allow your colleagues to make and share their own apps, allowing your teams to achieve their goals sooner. With an unlimited number of apps included in your plan, you can fearlessly try out new processes without investing additional money or time.

Let us inspire you...

With our new template gallery, you can find ideas for how to optimise business processes in Stacker and get new projects up and running in just a few clicks.

You can browse the categories for the perfect starting point and install a template app easily in your workspace as well as copying over the data source. You are then free to to completely customise the template and adapt it to suit your individual use case.

We currently have templates based upon Google Sheets available, but will soon be expanding to include Airtable templates too.

New Workspace Features

  • Unlimited apps included as standard in all plans.
  • Workspace users can switch seamlessly between apps with the app bar
  • Quick App creation
  • Easily switch between different workspaces
  • Workspace-level appearance and branding settings
  • Unified notification feed from all of your apps
  • Templates allow you to take inspiration and set up new projects in just a few clicks
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