May Product Updates

May 31, 2023
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Lizzie, Associate Product Manager, Stacker

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Hello, and welcome to the May edition of our product updates, covering all the exciting things we’ve been up to at Stacker. Top of the list is certainly Real-time Airtable sync, which you can read all about in its own dedicated blog post.

But that’s not all; here’s everything else we’ve shipped this month:

💫 Inline filters have had an overhaul

There’s no better way to find the information you need than a good old fashioned inline filter. We’ve updated their appearance and hugely improved their functionality. Read more in our Changelog article: Inline filters, and admire how good they look below 👇

💫 Intercom and FullStory integrations

You can now set up both Intercom and FullStory tags in your apps to help you understand and connect with your users. To set these up, head to “Third party tags” in your App Settings. Read more in our Changelog article: Intercom and FullStory.

The admin settings for an app showing where you can add your Intercom or FullStory tags

💫 Pasting one value over multiple cells

This is a really nice quality-of-life improvement, and will make keeping your data up-to-date so much easier. Simply select the cells you want to copy a value to and smash that paste button.

An animated gif showing data being pasted into a data grid

💫 We've also added a few other new features and improvements

  • You can now set fields to be read only in the Detail layout.
  • If you’re using Google Sheets to store your data, you can now use native links (like “Link to another record”) to connect your data to other tables.
  • We’ve added the ability for people on our enterprise plan to self-serve custom scripts to their apps. Stacker Experts and Pro users subscribed before the 18th of May 2023 will continue to be able to make edits to their scripts via Support.
  • You can now create lookups that look up Stacker's Created at, Updated at, Created by, and Updated by fields.
  • For currency, percentage, rollup, and formula fields you can now use number operators (equal, less than, greater than, etc.). Endless possibilities!
  • Inbox view now also has the ability for users to download data as a CSV

That’s it for this month. Want to know what’s coming up next? Check out our roadmap.

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