March Product Updates

March 31, 2023
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Lizzie, Associate Product Manager, Stacker

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Welcome to the latest edition of Stacker’s product updates.

You’ve perhaps already read about Custom Pages, our big update that lets you create flexible pages for your apps to show both static information and your data. If not, you can read about Custom Pages in our blog post.

We also shipped loads of other new features and improvements this past month - let’s take a look at them.

đź’« New this month

Users can now export their data as a CSV file

This was one of our most requested features: we’ve now added the ability for your users to download data from list views. You can toggle this ability on or off by going to Edit layout in the Admin side tray.

New display options for Percentage fields

Percentage fields can now be displayed in new ways on both record pages and lists. You can choose between a ring or a progress bar. Don’t they look beautiful? 👇

Rearranging the order of inline filters

Not happy with the order of your inline filters in a list view? Well, we have good news for you: You can now rearrange them to your heart’s content.

đź’« Improved

We've also made a raft of improvements across the app:

  • You can now turn breadcrumbs (link trail on top of the page) on or off in Settings > General.
  • The embed widget now supports YouTube videos with a specific starting time.
  • Selecting options for single and multi-select fields in the admin data grid is now easier.
  • Confirmation modals and the edit layout pane now look a bit nicer.
  • We now hide the Fields/Actions tabs when editing the layout on the Calendar view.
  • You can now paste raw text into Record Link columns in the Data Grid. If any records match based on their display name, relationships will be automatically created.
  • You can now copy suggestions from the tooltip when editing the formula field.

That's it for this month! Want to keep tabs on what we’re working on and suggest new features? Head to our roadmap to see what else is coming up. You can also use this board to suggest or upvote new features you’d like to see.

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