Introducing: Custom Pages for Stacker

March 23, 2023
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Lizzie Davis, Associate Product Manager

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We’ve made it quick and easy to create pages made up of static information and data

Data is at the heart of Stacker – that’s why the structure of your apps has always been tied to the tables you’ve connected, whether those tables are native Stacker Tables or hosted in Google Sheets, Airtable or another data source.

But we know that sometimes you want to build a page that isn’t tied to your data source – to welcome your users, share information with your customers or provide some context for your data. So we’ve launched Custom Pages in Stacker.

Custom Pages exist independently from your tables: you no longer have to create a table with a single record in order to build a welcome page, home page, or information page in Stacker.

Custom Pages are made up of widgets:

  • static widgets display information that doesn’t come from your tables. There are four types: Banner, Text, Callout, Quick Links
  • data widgets pull data from your tables and display it either as a Table, as Cards or as Rows
  • embed widgets allow you to put almost anything else on your custom page, including a PDF, an image, a video, a map, a graph – most URLs that can be embedded within an iframe.
Our new Data Widgets: Table, Cards, and Rows

To add a custom page click on ‘Add New’ in the bottom left-hand corner of your app and select ‘Custom Page’.

On a related note we’ve also upgraded Create Layouts so that you can now add static widgets to your forms. This means you can now add instructions to help your users fill out a form, and even add buttons to your Create Layouts.

We’d be really interested in hearing your feedback on Custom Pages – share your thoughts in our survey

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