February Product Updates

February 15, 2023
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Oli, Community Manager, Stacker

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Hi all,

Hope you’re having a wonderful February so far, and welcome to the first Stacker product update email of 2023! This month we’ve made a load of updates to forms, quick links, and various quality of life improvements. Check ‘em out below 👇

💫 New this month

✅ Updates to forms

We have been massively improving our forms functionality, including:

  • Default values in forms
  • Placeholder text to help your users understand the kind of response they should give
  • If there’s a required field that a user doesn’t fill in, it will now auto-scroll to that field when they attempt to submit the form

Here’s a short video where I introduce these improvements:

🔗 Field values in Quick Links

We recently introduced this beautiful little widget called Quick Links, which you could use to alert your users to important information:

We’ve upgraded Quick Links so you can now have dynamic data included in them - both for the text and the links. Here’s another video of me showing off a use case for this.

🌈 Colors for single and multi-select fields

We’ve brought a bit of extra joy to your apps by bringing in colors for single and multi-select fields. They’ll match the colors you’ve selected in your corresponding Airtable base.

✅ Lots of Quality of Life Improvements

We’ve been working really hard on implementing lots of smaller suggestions we’ve received from the Stacker community:

  • Single and multi-select fields have had a design overhaul in the data grid; they’re looking very stylish, and are easier to use
  • Time zones on Airtable rollup fields are now supported
  • You can now see the role of a user when previewing as them
  • We’ve increased the size of .csv uploads to 25mb
  • There are a few synonyms included for field types now - for example, searching for “image” brings up Attachments
  • Embedding YouTube videos is now easier - you can use most link formats that YouTube throws at you
  • Data stored in formula fields can now be used in record headers

That’s all for now, and remember, if you have any questions or feedback, you can always ask them on our community forum!

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