Confused about Airtable pricing changes?

August 25, 2023
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Michael Skelly, Co-Founder & CEO, Stacker

Want to understand how Airtable changes affect your own situation?

We'll help you understand if you need to change anything or upgrade your pricing plan in order to continue using Stacker. We'll even help you migrate to another platform, if it's the right move for you.


  • Airtable has made significant changes to their pricing, which will affect your Stacker workspace
  • Airtable has merged the Plus and Pro plan into the Team plan, priced at $24/user/month
  • The new Team plan is more generous for current Plus users, but more limiting for Pro users
  • Airtable has also introduced the Business plan, priced at $54/user/month, with much more generous limits and new features
  • If you don't upgrade to the Business plan, you'll have a restricted number of API calls. Platforms like Stacker use API calls to work with your Airtable, so this could impact your ability to use Stacker
  • Airtable has removed multi-source syncing on the Team plan and decreased storage limits across the board

Want to make sure Stacker continues to work for you? → Get on a call with our Airtable experts Scott, Ben and Seb

What does this mean for you?

  • If you’re on the free plan, Airtable is much more restrictive on limits for you than previously. You’ll have less storage, less users, less records and less API calls
  • If you’re on the Plus plan, you’re now on the Team plan and get a higher record limit and more features available. But, you no longer have unlimited API calls and your storage limits have been halved. This may affect your ability to use 3rd party platforms and integrations, like Stacker
  • If you’re on the Pro plan and want to keep the same pricing, you’ll need to accept Airtable halving your automation and storage limits, as well as removing multi-source sync. Otherwise, you’ll need to upgrade to the Business plan at twice the cost - $54/month

How does this affect my Stacker Workspace?

  • Stacker uses API calls to sync your data with Airtable. Because Airtable is now restricting API calls on some plans, your Stacker workspace may be affected
  • If you upgrade to the Business plan, you'll have no issues with Stacker and can continually to use your Workspaces and Apps normally. Airtable Enterprise users are also unaffected
  • If you remain on the Free or Team plans, you may be unable to use Stacker or may need to change your usage of Stacker. Our team can check this for you and give you specific advice on your situation
  • You can book a call with our team to get specific advice by clicking here


What else may affect you from the new Airtable changes

  • If you relied on external integrations, APIs or 3rd party tools, you may need to upgrade to the Business plan by September 25th to keep these running correctly
  • If you stored lots of images or files in Airtable attachment fields, you may need to remove files or upgrade to the Business plan to keep your storage
  • If you use multi-source sync, you may need to stop using this feature or upgrade to the Business plan to keep it

Other Questions?

Our Airtable experts are on-hand to help with any other questions you have or advice you may need

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Not using Stacker yet? Stacker is an Airtable alternative which lets you build custom apps on top of your data, either synced from sources like Google Sheets and SQL, or directly in our own “Airtable-like” Stacker Tables. Here are some of the benefits of Stacker:

  • Unlimited Seats at no extra cost: We don’t charge on a per-user basis
  • Incredible Access Controls and Permissions: Our industry-leading permissions and access controls let you control who can see any field, record or data on your Stacker app
  • Multi-Source Sync: Easily reuse the same Base across multiple Stacker apps at no extra cost
  • Unlimited Storage: Stacker does not limit image or file storage (Fair usage policy applies)
  • Zapier-Enabled: Easily create automations and workflows with our Zapier automation. (Stacker Workflows coming Q4 2023)
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