April Product Updates

April 28, 2023
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Lizzie, Associate Product Manager, Stacker

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Can you believe we’re a third of the way through the year already? How time flies when you’re having fun (and building apps for your business). We’ve been super busy building some improvements to Stacker this month, so let’s take a look at what’s new.

💫 A fresh look for Kanbans

Our Kanban Boards have had a makeover and are looking rather stylish; you can also now use the colors from your single select field to color code your columns. Project management never looked so good!

A web app showing a kanban type board with four columns, each one color coded

🎬 Action buttons got smarter

Action buttons don’t now need to have a confirmation pop-up when there’s nothing for your users to edit. So they can simply click the button and move on with their day.

A web app showing someone clicking a button and the app immediately changing

✅ Check out these checkboxes

Checkboxes now have a selection of three different display styles to choose from, and you can now use them in Highlight fields. Which is your favorite? I’m going to have to choose “Big”.

A screenshot of a web app prominently showing a checkbox "check", with a range of options to change how that check looks

⏬ CSV download improvements

Last month we introduced the ability for you to let your users download CSV files of data. We heard your feedback and tweaked things so that:

  • We’ll only show the visible fields from your app in the download
  • The fields in the download now respect the order of the fields in your app
  • If there’s a linked field in the table, it will show the record title, rather than a record ID (eg something like co2_recIqB067GML3f4Gf)

... and a selection of improvements to make your life better.

  • You can now select or deselect all roles when choosing which roles can access navigation items. This is a nice timesaver if you have loads of roles.
  • It’s now possible to add a download button for your app users on related record list widgets, as well as on list layouts.
  • We’ve added a delete button to the data grid that will appear when you select a record (or some records).
  • When editing a layout, we will let you know what to do when you cannot disable a field — just hover over the grayed out toggle.
  • On Custom Pages, you can now click the title of data widgets to go to that table. If there's no table, it will not be clickable.
  • Colors will be on by default on Stacker Table dropdown fields.
  • Number operators are now available in List Filters for the following fields: Currency, Percentage, Rollup and Formula.

That’s it for this month. Want to know what’s coming up next? Head to our roadmap to see what’s cooking.

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