Apps for Everyone: new ways to share your apps (Part 3)

May 11, 2021
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Michael Skelly, CEO, Stacker

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This article is part of a series exploring the features of our new version of Stacker. If you've not read the original post, click here to read it.  

Stacker allows anyone to create apps and share them with whoever needs access to them — all with fine grained access control so every user sees exactly what they should.

We wanted to make sharing apps even easier, so whether you want to invite colleagues from your team, from across your company, from your customers or your partners there's an easy way to make it happen.

Share with your team

To make it easier to share apps with colleagues we've added invitations by email address. This means you can invite a colleague to use your Stacker app just by entering their email address and selecting their role. This means you no longer have to configure your users within your data source.

A single user can now access multiple apps, and you can pick which role is appropriate for them in each of the apps so in every context they interact with the underlying data in the right way.

To manage your team, we've added the concept of Workspace owners to deal with the administrative side of user management, billing and more. You can use the advanced user settings to control exactly which privileges are reserved for the owners of a Workspace.

Share with your customers

To share your apps with your customers we've added a dedicated feature for this purpose, it's called Customer Access. With Customer Access you can specify a table from your data source for where your Customer List is stored and Stacker will automatically create their logins. This is great for giving your customers just the records they need to see in a secure portal.

You can use our new User Profiles feature to relate your users to the context you have about them in your data source. After match your users by email address you'll be able to use any properties of them to setup the permission rules you need.

Preview as anyone

As you are creating your app you can preview it as any of the roles you have created, or any of the customers in your Customer Lists.

All the new sharing features in Stacker

  • Invite users by email address
  • Manage the roles for your team members inside Stacker
  • Share multiple apps with your users with different roles in each app
  • Customer Access integrates into any of your apps to allow customers to have secure access to just the data they need
  • Brand your app differently for your customers and your team by using the appearance settings of Customer Access
  • Pull Customers from multiple data sources via Customer Lists
  • User Profiles allow you to associate data with your users for use in permissions
  • All new previewing experience of any role or customer
  • Users now have profiles to update their name and profile image
  • Advanced user settings to control what your users can do in the workspace
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