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May 11, 2021
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Today, Stacker is launching our next-generation no-code platform to empower a million people to create the software they need themselves


We've just released the new version of Stacker that gives you and your team superpowers, and you should go and try it out here 👈👈👈


It's 2021: teams need to create their own software

Modern businesses need software to run.

They need software to manage their work, to organise their data, to collaborate with colleagues and to interact with customers.  They need software that fits how their business works, rather than having to change their processes to fit the software.  They also need software that can change as their processes changes.

And most importantly, every team needs to be able to create and modify this software themselves, without engineers or IT.

We've helped 20k teams build their first app

In 2019, we launched the first version of Stacker to empower teams to build  standalone apps powered by the data from a spreadsheet. Since then more than 20,000 teams have used Stacker to turn a spreadsheet into an app to share with customers, partners or other teams.

For the first time, anyone was able to spin up a working customer portal or internal tool that was integrated into their data and perfectly fit their workflow, and ship it in less than an hour.

That was a great start, but we weren't done there.

But we're not stopping there

It turns out that businesses need loads of apps to empower all their teams and enable all the processes that keep them running.

It also turns out that they don't have all their data in a single spreadsheet, but spread across hundreds of different software products, spreadsheets and databases.

That's why today we're launching the next version of our no-code platform, to empower you to do more with Stacker: more apps, powered by more data, shared with more people, with a lot more functionality.


Welcome to the future of software

This is the future of software: flexible software created by you, using your data, to power the work you do. Software that lets you empower your team, collaborate with your partners and connect with your customers.

Here's how this new version of Stacker brings you into this bright and bold future.

Power your whole business with a workspace of apps

You and your team can now access all your apps from a unified company workspace. Create as many apps as you need, and either share them privately with your teammates, or publish them for the rest of your company to access.

Workspaces allow teams to collaborate and run all their processes in a single place without needing to switch between tools. It's the home for for all of the apps your team needs and the heart of making sharing information with your colleagues, partners or customers easier than ever.

Learn more about our new workspace functionality below:

Connect all the data from across your business

Bring together all the data you use across your business into a single place and use it to create your apps. As well as spreadsheets like Airtable and Google Sheets, Stacker now supports connecting data from your favourite products like Stripe, Intercom and Salesforce as well as SQL databases.

Data is more useful when it's connected. Stacker allows you to create links between records from different sources, so that you can click into a customer record from your Airtable and see all the linked records from other data sources, like recent conversations from Intercom, or the total amount of payments they've made in Stripe.

Learn more about our new data functionality below:

Teams, partners and customers all in one place

One of the most interesting things we've learned from talking to our customers is that their apps rarely just have one audience. Teammates, customers, partners, vendors, management, clients, investors, other teams within the company....

We've rebuilt the way we hand users from the ground up to make it really easy to share an app with all the people who need it, even if they're from very different audiences.

All of this is still powered by our roles and permissions system, so you keep the fine-grained access control so every user sees exactly what they're supposed to.

Learn more about our new sharing functionality below:

...And a whole lot more!

As well as everything above, we've also been working hard to give you more power, control and flexibility in your apps to allow you to make them the best they possibly could be.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Action Buttons allow you to create focussed pop ups to make your processes like approvals, reviews or updates clearer to your users.
  • Email notifications for collaboration mean you’ll never miss an important update.
  • Charts and Dashboards (beta) allow you to see your data from a higher level.
  • Detail page tabs allow you to better organize your record pages.
  • And dozens of other small changes to make your Stacker experience better.


Try the new Stacker today

You can try the newest version of Stacker right now.

If you're not a current Stacker user, go and sign up from our new homepage and give it a try!

If you're a current Stacker user you can follow our guide on how to try the new version of Stacker today:

You can try all the new functionality without worrying about your existing apps: they will continue to work as they currently do, and your subscriptions will stay the same.

Here's the timeline for the when "Stacker Classic" apps will move over to the updated Stacker version:

May 11th — New version of Stacker is available to all new projects, for new and existing customers
Sep 30th — Automatic upgrade wizard to convert Stacker Classic apps is available. From this point no new Stacker Classic apps will be created.
Dec 6th — Any remaining Stacker Classic apps will be upgraded to the new version of Stacker


Thank you so much to everyone who helped alpha- and beta-test all of these new features: the result is so much better thanks to all your feedback.

We're really excited to find out what you're able to achieve with the new Stacker.  🚀

— The Stacker Team

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