Achieve more with Stacker: More powerful apps with all new features (Part 4)

May 11, 2021
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Michael Skelly, CEO, Stacker

Want to understand how Airtable changes affect your own situation?

We'll help you understand if you need to change anything or upgrade your pricing plan in order to continue using Stacker. We'll even help you migrate to another platform, if it's the right move for you.

This article is part of a series exploring the features of our new version of Stacker. If you've not read the original post, click here to read it.  

Stacker's goal is to allow teams to work faster and smarter, so less time is wasted and more spent achieving your goals. We want to empower non-technical users to interact confidently with their data and so we've made this even easier with our suite of new functionality.

We've added some game-changing features to make your apps more powerful than ever...

Action Buttons make interacting with your data slicker.

You can create custom buttons on your detail pages to perform updates on the current record through a pop-up. You specify which fields are to be updated as part of the action and can also choose to set the value of the field to be updated.

Action Buttons can be located at the top of the detail page or within individual field containers.

The buttons may be conditionally displayed depending on user role or current field values.

Collaboration with email notifications mean you'll never miss an important update.

Collaboration enables you to comment on specific records. You can now choose to receive email notifications when you get @ mentioned or if there is any activity on a record that you follow. This means you can work together with your colleagues directly in Stacker and stay up to date with any changes.

Charts and Dashboards (beta)

Stacker makes it possible to show high level summaries of your data with our new Charts and Dashboards. You can create pie charts and KPIs to give your users an overview of their list views. It is possible to show counts, sums of fields or averages of fields without using a single formula - just select the data you want to summarise and we'll do the rest. You can also create standalone Dashboard pages to display information from across your entire app in a single place.

Charts and Dashboards is currently only available in beta whilst we are still perfecting it - please contact our support team to have it activated on your account today!

Detail Page Tabs

Using tabs you can organise the details of a particular record into multiple sections making reviewing large amounts of information easier. In edit mode, you can send any existing container to another tab or create a new layout from scratch. Tabs can be conditionally displayed based on field values or user Role.

All new features in the new version of Stacker:

  • Action Buttons
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Charts and Dashboards (available in beta)
  • Detail Page Tabs
  • An all new App Settings Modal
  • Realtime updates Stacker-Stacker
  • Billing Portal to manage your subscription and payment details
  • Configurable List Size
  • 'Is current user's' Filters
  • New data types supported for GSheets


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