We're on a mission to change how software is made

We believe that building software shouldn't just be for developers.

Building software shouldn't be so hard

Should it really take so much time and effort to build apps that solve real problems for real users? We think it's time for a revolution in the way we create and innovate on the web.

You should get something working on day one

It's the digital age. We can copy every book ever published onto a USB stick in minutes. So don't waste 6 months of development time on finding out whether a social network for snakes is the next killer app.

Don't reimplement the wheel

In office buildings all around the world, there are teams of developers sat coding into the night, all writing slightly different code to build identical features so their users can create accounts, message each other, and upload pictures. Don't be like them. Let us make the world-class features, while you decide how to use them.

Coding is optional

We're all capable of making clever spreadsheets, animated slide decks and email filters. There are still plenty of hard problems that need talented engineers to solve. Building web apps isn't one of them.

Beautiful by default

You don't need 10 years working in a design studio to make products that are beautiful. We should be able to make things look and feel great easily, without making everyone's app look the same.